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About Us

Why we’re different

We are knowledgeable and compassionate professionals privileged to be able to assist in Advance Planning of all practical matters and personal choices prior to actually needing the services. Whether planning for the future or in a Hospice situation, Advance Funeral Planning is greatly beneficial. Being able to make decisions prior to needing the services, allows mindful less emotionally stressed decisions.
We plan for all kinds of things in our lives. Advance Funeral Planning allows you to deal with things you would rather not, but know you or those closest to you will.

Advance Funeral Planning:

Ensures your wishes will be followed
Eliminates stressful decision making
Lock in today’s prices and not be affected by price increases
Provides flexible payment options over time
Protects your loved ones from emotional overspending
Is a Living Document, allowing you to make changes

Sometimes you need to make Advance Funeral Plans because of…

A Spend Down situation to qualify for public assistance
Make plans for a parent, in-law or other relative
Help a friend or friend’s family through the process
You or Loved One wants to be buried elsewhere (another town, state or country)